A reflection on some dubious objections on Mahdism

In this article, I attempt to reply to three doubts raised by one of the contemporary Vahabi (writers) against the ideas suggested in Mahdism thought.

24 May 22
A reflection on some dubious objections on Mahdism
In the first doubt, ha has tried to place the narratives regarding Imam Mahdi’s place of living as if they are conflicting with each other on the one hand. On the other hand, he has tried to relate the belief in Absence of the Imam in the cellar of Samarra to the Shiites. In the second doubt regarding the occultation of Imam Mahdi, it has been claimed that the Shiitesdetermined a timeline in their accounts for the Appearance of the Imam and that none of (Shiites claims) proved to be true and their lie is exposed! In the third scenario, it has been claimed that narratives about the name of Imam Mahdi are conflicting with each other.In response to these doubts, each of these narratives are reviewed and careful consideration of these narratives demonstrates that neither there is any conflict in narratives with each other, nor any claim is made by Shiite scholars about hiding of Imam Mahdi in a basement (!) These interpretations
can not be inferred from the Shiites narratives at different times regarding Appearance.